Educating the Retarded child: Tips to Follow


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Retarded children are those who have deficiencies in adaptive behaviors and daily routine functioning. Mostly, they are not self-dependent. Normally, a person called a “caretaker” stays with them in order to make their lives easy. There are some kinds of retarded children. Because every retarded child may not have the same disability issues as another retarded child. Educating the retarded child is not easy so you should be consistent.

Some retarded children are unable to learn and can’t take care of themselves. Even they cannot speak and hear. So, they cannot solve their daily life problems. But most children can learn something as well as speak and hear because they have a mild level of mental retardation.

But now the question is should we educate them (retarded children)? The answer is yes because they are also a part of their family and considered a member of their family. Many people ignore them because of their disability. But we should not ignore them and should not deal with them in a wrong and ignoring way.

Goal is to educate them

We should always try to educate them in a good way. We should enroll them in special schools. Give them a proper time to teach them new things. Try to make them able to stay in a community life. Teachers in special schools for mentally retardation children teach them how to solve their daily life problems, how to convey their message to parents and other people, how to learn different and unique things, and how to think deeply before doing anything. If retarded children do practice every day then you will see changes in their lives.

There are some special institutions for retarded children in order to deal with them in a trained way. Educating the retarded child is not a complicated job. We should all talk with the retarded child politely. If you show some angriness in front of them then they might be freighted because of your behavior. Talk with them with a simile face. Try to make them happy with different activities.

Play Games | Educating the retarded child

Try to engage them in different sports activities. Play those games with them that make them physically strong. Choose those games which involve some kind of body exercise. Play Puzzle games with them, so they may think deeply to solve the puzzle problems and it will increase their mental ability. Tell these children (retarded) names of different things and ask the names after some time. When you are telling the names then say I will ask these names after some time.

If they try to keep the names in their mind then it will be helpful for them. Because if they practice it on a daily basis then they can easily remember different things. If a retarded child has siblings then tell them that add your brother/sister (retarded child) in your games. Take retarded child to the park. You should also take retarded child to get together.

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Make retarded children emotionally strong

Don’t compare a retarded child with a normal child because this will add to his inferiority complex. Never degrade the retarded child by highlighting his/her disability. Encourage the retarded child by appreciating his/her efforts. Tell your other children to play with retarded children carefully. Parents should add their retarded child in conversations. Make some joke to make retarded child happy.

Challenges for parents

Parents who have retarded children have to face some challenges. First of all, they have to find the nature of disability. Then, they have to get treatment for the disability from professional doctors. The most important thing is that they have to raise the retarded child carefully. Parents should know about retarded child’s likes and dislikes. If the retarded child is mentally retarded then the parents have to put more effort. If a child is mentally retarded then he/she cannot learn anything and even they cannot take care of themselves. Parents have to face many difficulties. For parents,  it is not an easy job to bring up their children.


We conclude “Educating the retarded child” by saying that educate the retarded child. Try to enhance their learning abilities and try to make them self-dependent as much as possible. For some children who are not able to learn, speak, hear, and become independent, you should try to diagnose the disability and deal with them in a good way. If the parents have a retarded child then show patience and consistency. Don’t be hopeless.


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