Paper io: A Territory Game


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If you are a user of this modern era then you might have played many different games online and offline. There are many unique games nowadays. From simple games to complicated games with different levels. But now the discussion is about the “Paper io”. Paper io is also a game and the user has to be vigilant while playing this game. Because this game requires a lot of attention. Paper io is a territory game that allows a user to conquer other territories. But keep in mind that if you are playing this game then other players are also playing and they can beat you if don’t focus on it.

In this article, I have mentioned how to play paper io. I have also told in this article about paperio 2. If you want to know about paper io and paper io 2 in detail then just scroll down.

What is paper io?

Paper io is a game in which you have to take over other territories to become a champion. Other players also trying to gain multiple territories at the same time. So, you have to compete with them and protect your own territory. You should know your weak point and your tail. If anyone touches your tail then you will be destroyed. The game will be over in just a few seconds.

In this game, you will find a lot of different players and a lot of little lands. To become a champion, conquer other territories by protecting your own territory. You have to be smarter than other players in order to conquer a maximum number of territories.

How to play Game?

If you have played many other online and offline games. Then, it is not a complicated game for you but on some points, you have to take steps carefully. But if you haven’t played any game then it might be a challenging game for you.

But now in this section of the article, I will tell you how can you play the paper io.

In this game, you must have to compete with other game players and conquer other territories. You will be provided with a square character and you can control this square character with your computer mouse. This square character leaves a trail that marks the boundaries of a new territory. A new territory is a territory that you will conquer. The purpose of this trial is to draw the shape of the new area and close it, and you will add this new area or fragment to your territory. But remember, you have to be careful while adding new fragments to your territory.

Now the point is that, if you have a trail that marks the shape of the new area then other players in this game will also have a trail and their trails will also mark the shape of new fragments so you must have to cut their trails in order to be a champion. Cut their trials when they try to conquer other territories.

You have to survive the attacks of other players and conquer as many lands as possible.

If you have survived the attacks and conquered the maximum number of lands then you will be ranked at the top of the server ranking.

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Tips for paper io

Protect your land and trail from your enemies.

Try to conquer lands as much as possible.

Be careful when your square character leaves the trail to draw the shape of the new fragment.

Try to play in the best moment of the game.

Be smarter and don’t underestimate others.

When and who developed it?

Paperio was actually developed in 2018 and by developed by Voodoo Games. After a year, it was also updated with the sequel. Paper io is a popular game among users.

What is Paper io 2?

Paperio 2 is a real-time multiplayer game. Paper io 2 is a game in which players have to conquer multiple lands as much as possible.

As I told you above paper io has a square character that leaves a trail to draw the shape of the new fragment. But the difference between paper io and paper io 2 is that paper io 2 has a circle character/ arena instead of a square character that also leaves a trail to draw the shape of a new area for the territory.

Tips to play

There are some tips for paperio 2.

  • You need to conquer more lands so be careful while you are conquering new lands.
  • As you have a circle area/character so you can move circular instead of square. Be aware while you are drawing the shape of the new fragment to conquer.
  • Survive the attacks of your enemies.
  • Don’t underrate other game players.
  • Try to cut the trails of other players because their trails can draw shapes of more land than you.

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