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Patrick Way has strong arguments for a cause and advising practices. Patrick Way has also advised many taxpayers such as both individuals and companies. He has advised almost at all levels of United Kingdom courts. He also becomes successful in the Privy Council in support of an overseas tax authority. He has given his pieces of advice to some largest associated transactions in the UK and his advising practice covers all the areas of the tax. Patrick Way is very popular in the world of taxation. People know him such as football teams, entertainers, sports bodies, and rock stars.

He was a solicitor before being admitted to the bar, and while he was a solicitor, he was an equity partner in two prestigious London law companies. He first became a partner at the age of 31.

He wants to provide the clients with a method that is both realistic and pragmatic. Practical, because, as a former commercial solicitor he is well aware of the reality of the business transactions and the need for practical counsel; pragmatic because, through his court experiences, he has seen the typical reactions of the court, and he remembers this knowledge when giving advice.

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What distinctions have you discovered between the roles of tax barrister and tax solicitor?

There are barely any distinctions. Tax lawyers answer inquiries from clients or other professionals at their firms, which leads to meetings and notes of instructions. These accurately reflect commands, discourse, and viewpoints. Due to their native awareness of the importance of a transaction and the necessity to find a solution rather than simply express an opinion, solicitors have more knowledge of business and marketing.

Some sayings of Patrick Way

When I was a solicitor, I was lucky adequately, because I met with clients who had knowledge of marketing and business and it was very beneficial for me because I received advice from a great tax advising team. A best-crafted opinion is hopeless if the message or advice is not clear. So, we have to develop a concentrated view for clients so that clients can easily understand.

When I begin my work at the Bar, then I also received some important instructions along with an opinion. Instructions that I received were quite simple: “Counsel will find an opinion from learned senior counsel and is asked what it means.” Fairly, barristers must keep in mind that eventually their advice will be checked before a judge. Tax advisors must be practical. But it is possible that all are not practical. I encountered an opinion and the opinion was on determined tax planning which sumps up with the observation that if any scheme is unsuccessful in order to win approval in the House of Lords then at least those who were instructing the counsel would have the gratification of knowing that their Lordships were not correct. Totally remarkable!

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Patrick Way also answers the question

The question is that you often speak for high-profile individuals. Patrick Way answers it in a good way. I really enjoy when I’m working with the experts no matter what kind of nature they have. When anyone works with the experts then there is a spirit about them and spirit is refreshing. Eventually, popular people are still just looking for advice as normal people look for. So, keep in mind that if you want to be a lawyer, you are not a celebrity. In fact, I think it is often that in the music business, there are two types of legal mentors. One kind is the lawyer who looks, dresses, and talks like them and is in the Rolling Stones, and the other kind who dresses, talks, and looks like a lawyer and provides as fair-minded counsel as a lawyer gives.

Which one do you like to be a solicitor or barrister?

Patrick Way answers with the word that I enjoy being both a solicitor and a barrister because he has a great career in it. Nonetheless, I think that is a lavish the Bar also affords and I really enjoy appearing in the courts. These facets make up for the unique nature of the Tax Bar that is compared with the “buzz” of a high-spirited law firm. I also figured out that being a barrister is less difficult than being a solicitor. A single practitioner is eventually responsible for advice that is provided advocacy. But I would not have it differently.

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