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Voyar is a company that provides the best pediatric walkers. FROG of the Voyar is a support walker to walk for children and it is also a pediatric walker. It helps those children who are not able to move by themselves. It is well-designed to keep children stable and they can move on to this helpful and wonderful walker. Also, it is made from solid material and the design is an award-winning design.

FROG walker of the Voyar is designed to teach needy children and it provides training to special needs children because it acts as the gait trainer and there is also a seat to rest when children get tired.

There is another helpful feature of this walker is that it provides strong wheels to save the child from falling. A child can easily move the wheels and it also helps to prevent a child from unpleasant backward rolling. Its proper comfortable design with the best forearm rests gives a comfortable way to a child while on the move or standing.

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Some Specifications of Voyar’s FROG

There are the following specifications of Voyar’s product that is FROG:

  • The Standard Frame Height is 18.1” in – 20.5” in.
  • The Standard Frame Width is 14.9” in – 18.1” in.
  • The Standard Seat Height is 12.5” in – 20.8” in.
  • The Standard Armrest Height is 24” in – 34.6” in.
  • The Standard Weight capacity is 40kg.
  • The Large Frame Height is 27.9” in – 31.5” in.
  • The Large Frame Width is 19.1” in – 21.8” in.
  • The Large Seat Height is 19.3” in – 25.2” in.
  • The Large Armrest Height is 31.1” in – 38.9” in.
  • The Large Weight capacity is 70kg.

FROG of Voyar

FROG of Voyar is the best pediatric walker in the world. It is an award-winning walker because of its brilliant and strong design. It is also certified by a German test laboratory according to ISO 11199-3. In Europe, it is now registered as a medical product. FROG has achieved many awards such as German Design Award 2021, Australian Good Design Award 2019, and European Product Design Award 2019.

It was originally founded in Singapore. Actually, Voyar is a part of the XentiQ group of companies privately. Voyar is located in Singapore and it is serving the world with its helpful medical products (it helps those children as it is a Gait Trainer) such as FROG and so on.

Values of Voyar

Members of the Voyar work closely with physicians, caregivers, distributors, and end-users in order to provide the best product to the people especially children who could live independently and who are not able to move. The reason behind their popularity among people is that they are continuously enhancing the capability of the product and don’t compromise on the quality of the product. They strive to give the best and easy-to-use product to individuals who have some problem when walking and for those who even can’t walk.

The sturdy design of the product makes it more resistible even in bad conditions and any type of damage. Voyar is serving the world directly or through its distributors and Voyar makes sure that the user is satisfy.

Because user satisfaction is more valuable than other aspects because if a user is not satisfied with any company’s product then he/she might not sell that product and your company has to face loss.

Some Options

Voyar provides some options regarding FROG for users.

Standard Frame Model

  • Seat Only (it does not have padded armrests)
  • Seat and Armrests

Large Frame Model

  • Seat Only (it does not have padded armrests)
  • Seat and Armrests

There are also some optional upgrades:

  • Anti-Tip Rollers
  • Hip Stabilizers
  • Pelvic Support
  • Arm Rests Straps (Pair)
  • Friction Brakes (Pair)

How can a user buy?

Users can buy products from Voyar which is located in Singapore directly and by buying from its distributors. There is also a discount offer on products sometimes. It provides users with a wide range of product’s optional upgrades. One of the main products of Voyar is FROG which is an award-winning product. Users need to contact them if they want to buy a product worldwide. They are serving with the best quality and specifications that are in the product of Voyar.

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