What is Gimkit? How it is best Teacher?


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Gimkit is an entertaining, captivating, and instructive quiz-style game. It gives instructors and students the same flexibility to create multiple-choice questions from scratch for any topic area as Kahoot! Gimkit Quizlet sets can be imported by users to easily create a “Kit.” One of its motivating features is the opportunity to earn “money” (by answering questions accurately) and use it to buy different power-ups, like getting more points for each right answer, getting more points when you’re on a winning streak (answering questions correctly for two or more straight inquiries), and buying insurance if a question is answered incorrectly. Teachers receive a data report detailing the overall class and each student’s responses following each game. Because the information highlights areas that need to be taught or repeated and provides students with quick feedback, it is a good tool for informal evaluation.


  • Students do not have to create an account to take tests or create group “Tackles,” nor are they asked to disclose any of their private information or data. Students must register to use a handful of its features, such as those meant for projects, informal assessments, and tracking academic progress over time.
  • To create an account, a student must be: “A student that is not in the European Union, neither a citizen of a country subject to European Unionization, yet is over eighteen years of age.”

Parental consent is required if a pupil under the age of 13 who lives outside the EU creates an account.) Create an account via the parent’s email address (the protector will receive instructions via email); The parent filling out the form at this location and email it to help) The school is responsible for obtaining authority if it is part of its network.

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Uses for teacher:

Gimkit is a digital quiz game platform built on apps that both teachers and students can use to learn. This holds for both in-person and home learning scenarios.

It was inspired by a student who was working on an undergraduate assignment. He created a mobile application that he believed would be the most enjoyable way to learn in class because he found educational games to be very engaging.

The project’s app, which currently provides quiz-based learning in numerous ways and even has additional games coming out to bring more opportunities to participate, is incredibly professional and well-presented.

 subscription cost?

Free during the first thirty days, then a subscription costs $4.99 a month after that. You have access to all the resources and activities you need to monitor your students’ learning and progress thanks to its incorporated automatic grading system.


  • The website appeared to be incompatible with any assistance device (such as screen readers or voice commands) and provided no information on accessibility choices.
  • If you’d like to use Google Translation for translating any text that occurs during a live game, you can choose the language you want to use during these matches.
  • Though it is only accessible for the pro editions, the ability to add photos or audio questions may be helpful for accessibility.

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